If you are contemplating divorce proceedings, there are a host of considerations to research, from the official list of grounds for divorce to the kinds of divorce and even the laws regarding dispensation of assets. While some may consider representing themselves “pro se” in order to save money, lack of procedural and legal knowledge could potentially create more costs rather than less. Moreover, self-representation can sometimes prevent you from obtaining the most equitable result possible.

Grounds For Legal Action

In addition to determining the grounds for legal action, you may also be called upon to provide proof. Consulting with our experts at William H. Smith Law can help you clarify the direction of your proceedings and ensure you have taken the necessary steps to move forward. Georgia recognizes thirteen primary grounds for a change to marital status and in some cases, multiple grounds are applicable.

Types Of Legal Action

You might opt for a range of legal actions from Annulment to Separation to either a Limited or Absolute Divorce. Proceedings can be initiated on a “No-Fault” basis or with one or more grounds along with proof, which can then be contested or uncontested. Regardless of how you wish to proceed, it can add another layer of complexity to your case if your spouse is not in agreement with your filing. It can be confusing to determine the best divorce option applicable to your situation, but it can have a profound impact on your rights, assets, and quality of life after the settlement.

Ultimately, the goal of a change in marital status is to restore harmony in one’s environment, which is especially critical when children are involved. Having an expert by your side to help you navigate the legal system will help you move past this chapter as quickly and painlessly as possible so that you and your family can move forward with the process of healing and rebuilding.

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