William H. Smith III

Attorney At Law

When life gets turned upside-down, you need to team up with an expert advocate that can navigate you through challenges with ethics, skill, and a wealth of experience. The team at William H. Smith has the expertise in multiple aspects of litigation to help you successfully get through life’s many obstacles.

Located near the heart of historic Milledgeville, the Law firm of William H. Smith continues the proud tradition of Governor John Milledge’s service to the great State of Georgia and its former capital. Blocks from the Old Governor’s Mansion and County Courthouse, our location on Wilkinson Street is steeped in tradition, providing daily inspiration and a reminder of our highest ideals as a Community, a State, and a Nation.

The Law firm of William H. Smith seeks to create a trusted partnership with clients who need an advocate through difficult circumstances. Turn to us when you need an expert litigator to shine a light on the best path through troubled times.

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When separation becomes unavoidable, let the Law Firm of William H. Smith assist you on your path into the future. Though this is a painful time for all involved, our steadfast guidance and expert litigation can help you through this period with clarity and skill

Child Custody

Family is of the utmost importance to you, to us, and to the State of Georgia. If your family unit is undergoing an unavoidable period of change, let us help you navigate the statutes set forth by the State of Georgia to help ensure the well-being of the children in your family.

Criminal Defense

Whether you are faced with the possibility of a misdemeanor or a felony conviction, our expertise can help guide you through the criminal justice system with the best possible outcome, ensuring your constitutional rights are preserved.


Though we cannot change the past, we can provide you with the expertise necessary to move through DUI proceedings toward a better future for you and your family