Experiencing a DUI arrest can be a startling experience and the impact of a DUI conviction on your life can be significant. The highest priority concern is for the safety of you, your friends and loved ones, and the greater community, but even if nobody was injured in your case, there are multiple ways your life can be affected by a DUI conviction. One potential problem is the prolonged financial effect, including things like higher insurance rates or problems with federal financial aid or private scholarship qualifications. Other issues may include new roadblocks that crop up in your professional or college career as a result of the information contained in your background record.

People who come to Georgia from other states, especially college students, may be unaware that Georgia has a different DUI policy for individuals under the age of 21, which can further complicate matters. Additionally, Georgia has an incremental system of punishment for repeat offenders that can include everything from jail time to requirements for an Ignition Interlock Device to be placed on your vehicle.

If you are facing a DUI sentence, it is vital that you begin working with our experts at William H. Smith Law right away to minimize problems that may impact your future. In some cases, our ability to change your case from a felony to a misdemeanor can reduce the fallout that stems from a DUI conviction.

Legal representation not only ensures you receive fair treatment under the law during court proceedings, but also serves to certify whether your arrest was completed in a lawful manner and that your rights as a citizen were upheld throughout the entire process. Our lawyers are well-versed in legal precedent and negotiation strategies that will obtain the fairest possible outcome in your case so that you can quickly begin the business of getting on with your life.


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