Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Experiencing a personal injury can have a profound impact not only on a person’s body, but on their emotional health as well. Depression and PTSD in the aftermath of an accident can make it difficult to cope with the ensuing paperwork and legalities surrounding the details of the event. Medical insurance paperwork can quickly become overwhelming, especially if they attempt to deny your claims for coverage. Beyond the hassle of dealing with insurance companies, the thought of piling legal action on top of it all can seem beyond the scope of anyone’s capability as they struggle through recovery.

Demanding that your consumer rights are met by the insurance industry affects all policy holders, some of whom are struggling just like you are in the face of a mountain of debt, denied claims, and inability to continue with their lives in the same manner as before the accident. Additionally, litigation and payout of personal injury claims has steadily served to make our communities, homes, schools, and workplaces safer, raising quality of life for people all over the globe for over four thousand years. If the accident in which you were injured was preventable or due to negligence, whether it was a car accident, a workplace injury, a school injury, or even an injury that occurred on public lands or private property, in many cases it takes litigation to change that situation so that future citizens can live and work in a safer environment.

Personal injury litigation has spurred changes to the automotive and airline industries, to Medicaid, to laws and statutes, traffic patterns, household appliances, and much more. Sometimes installing safety features, changing workflows, traffic patterns, or changing the way things are done appear to be too costly for business owners and town planners until specific personal injury litigation provides the impetus for change. In the very least, the expenses you incur in addition to the pain and suffering caused by your accident may not have to become a burden that weighs your family down for years to come.

Our experts at William H. Smith Law can carefully review the details of your case to determine what legal actions are warranted. We can help you wade through the confusing jargon and procedures implemented by insurance companies trying to deny your claim. If you are seeking financial remuneration, we can provide you a wide variety of options on how to proceed. Let the team at William H. Smith Law become a trusted partner on the road to recovery.

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